I was always fascinated about manifestos and the impact they can have. Also the struggle and discussions such as - if you should follow all the thesis or just pick out a few - is a big inspiration.

Here is mine, I call it the Creative Companion Manifesto

  • 1. You cannot ‘not brand’.

    Everything a brand or person does will add up to its identity.

  • 2. Take the big picture.

    Be clear about what you are and what you want.

  • 3. Listen to the people.

    Don’t do literally what people say, observe their behaviour and translate it.

  • 4. Get to know all the facts.

    There never is too much information, only a lack of focus.

  • 5. Everyone is right.

    Many people, many perspectives. They may all be right, but not necessarily relevant.

  • 6. Best idea wins.

    Good ideas often come from individuals, it needs teams to make them great.

  • 7. Experiment while working.

    Try things you have never tried before.

  • 8. You are not alone.

    Working in a team is fun and helps to understand multiple perspectives.

  • 9. Stick to the concept.

    Along the way there are a lot of temptations, go your own way. If they make sense, adapt them.

  • 10. Think like a musician.

    Compose, invent, innovate, orchestrate, prepare, communicate, rehearse, improvise, entertain, listen, play, perform – don’t give a damn.

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